Supplier of Bulk Instant Coffee to American coffee manufacturers, both

big and small, for your product development or replacement.


Trade Logistics & Consulting is your first source for bulk instant coffee. Businesses and manufacturers throughout the country use our bulk buying power to gain competitive edges in all markets. Choose from more than 39 different types to find one that's perfect for your signature product, or innovate something entirely new. Along with traditional dark roast and Columbian coffee, we carry specialty options like non-GMO Instant coffee and Organic Instant coffee.  


Feel great about your purchase knowing Trade Logistics & Consulting is committed to quality and reliability. All of our manufacturers have implemented extensive quality control systems, are fully documented and use no fillers. Unlike other Importers, we do not repackage our bulk Instant and label it something it is not. We warranty that our products are what they are said to be. Actual "coffee solids" are the key factor in our blends, and are diminished when fillers are used. Maltodextrin (mostly corn-based) is a common "'filler" used in many varieties of bulk instant coffee. We do NOT use any fillers in our blends, allowing you to use less product with more 'coffee solids' achieving the highest efficiency in your production and taste profile gram for gram, dollar for dollar. Let us show you how.   


Experience a wealth of subtle flavors and notes with our regional coffees. We offer options sourced from Brazil, Mexico, Colombian, Ecuador, Vietnam, and more.


Like our single-origin, 100% Arabica products, our Robusta/Arabica blends are dependably consistent. This makes them great for use in signature products.



√  Many Spray dried Instant coffees; Dark (Espresso) & medium roasts.
√  Freeze dried Instant coffees; Most popular qualities. High end as well.
√  Certified Organic Instant coffee; Mexican is most favored by all.
√  NON-GMO certified Instant coffee.
√  Specialty Green coffees in small or larger lots.
√  We use NO fillers in our products, only 100% coffee solids, unlike others.
√  Full supporting documentation is available on all products.